Welcome to Brink Livestock!

We make our living raising Braunvieh cattle in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  We appreciate our Braunviehs for their maternal strength, superior carcass characteristics, fertility, longevity and hardiness.  Our cattle are registered and we sell females and bulls.  We strive to produce polled cattle that will be as functional for our customers as they are for us.

We are  selling two heifers and a pair in the Braunvieh Herd Builder Sale Nov. 7 in Marshall Junction, Mo. Our partner, Sterling Genetics, is also selling two spring heifers there. Go to the Herd Builder page to see videos and the sale catalog.

BLC Loyalti 001B was the 2015 Tulsa State Fair Grand Champion Heifer – She was also Reserve Junior Champion Heifer at the 2015 National Braunvieh Show in Kansas City. Congratulations to junior member Jordyn Walker on her winnings with this heifer.

BLC Loyalti 001B_web